Week 1 of Advent

What to do – If you haven’t already, get out your Advent wreath and find some candles!

Optional Activities

  • Set up your Christmas tree (if it isn’t already up!)
  • Place purple ornaments on the tree. Or, make purple ornaments and paper chains out of construction paper
  • Begin your Jesse Tree
  • Get out your Advent calendar or count-down chain

Hymn Study of the Week Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Theme of the Week – Justice and Peace

Thoughts for the Week

The readings for this first week of Advent have a common thread – justice and peace. All of Israel longed for the coming of the Messiah, for He would right every wrong. He would be the Prince of Justice, the Prince of Peace.

We all long for justice in our lives. We want what is right, what is fair, what is just. As we will see this week in the daily readings, justice is a hallmark of the Messiah. He will rule with justice. His Just Reign will bring Peace Everlasting.

But justice without mercy is hard, like steel. Justice without love is cold, like steel. The peace that comes from such a justice is an uneasy peace, for pure justice does not – CAN not – tolerate mistakes.

When Christ came, He was Justice. He was Peace. The peace He offered then and offers now is perfect, for it is shot through with mercy and love. For He is also Love.

Let us live with great love this week, for merciful love gives hope to the hopeless!

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