Week 4 of Advent

The last week of Advent!

What to do:

  • set up your Christmas tree (if you haven’t already)
  • set up your manger scene (if you haven’t already)
  • wrap gifts
  • Decide how you are attending Christmas Mass – this year of 2020 requires a great deal of thought. If you don’t already have plans, you can join me for the 6pm Christmas Eve vigil at Our Lady of the Angels in Allen, Texas. I will be singing at this service. Reservations for seats is full, but you can watch HERE!

Hymn Study of the Week: Gabriel’s Message

Themes of the Week: Joy and Legacy

The readings this week are full of joy – God’s plan is beyond our understanding and is revealed in miraculous ways to ordinary people. Mary responds with joyful thanksgiving to the unveiling of God’s plan; Israel is exhorted to sing joyfully; John the Baptist, in the womb of his mother, Elizabeth jumps for joy in the presence of the Messiah and his mother, while Elizabeth is filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit; and Zechariah, after initial fear upon hearing God’s plan, has come around and is filled with the Holy Spirit as he prophecies over his newborn son.

Legacy, likewise, is another theme this week. Salvation history is one big legacy story, telling the way God has worked among people of all times. The legacy of the house of David is a much more lasting legacy than David ever dreamed of – the Savior of the world will be of the house of David. We, too, are invited to ponder how our “yes” to God adds to the tapestry of testimony to the glory and love of God.

The Savior draws near. Are you ready?

May joy and peace fill your hearts and homes this week.

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