How to Make a Jesse Tree

To make a Jesse tree, you just really need two things: a tree and whatever ornament symbols you want to use. And the sky’s the limit here – there are no set ways for doing this.

Tree – Many people use a small Christmas tree, a full-size tree, some bare branches in a pot, a paper tree on a wall (for paper ornaments), craft foam, baked clay, or cardboard. So many choices! This year, as my son has chosen to make our symbols by painting rocks, we will make a chalk tree on our back porch!

Ornaments – you can make your own ornaments out of paper, fabric, craft supplies, or even just print out a set. Chose whatever fits your affinities and whatever seems most fun to you. I am not extremely crafty, so I tend to go a simple route. But, then again, I live with several artist-types, so….I have sources!

Here are some places to look to get started:

  • For ideas on symbols – Why Christmas?
  • explanation of the Jesse tree, plus printable paper ornaments, colored or black and white! Faithward
  • Super cute felt tree and ornaments from Oriental Trading
  • Book and wooden ornaments from EWTN
  • My Jesse Tree has tabs for crafting ornaments or has a set to print out. I really like some of the craft ideas!

Or, there are many more websites to explore. There are so many choices. It is really up to you how many symbols you use, which ones you chose, and how you want to make them! Click here to read about the different symbols you can use, and how to make the salvation history timeline work for your ornaments.

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